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what happens when it’s too hot to actually cook

July 6, 2010

Today it is too hot to do very much.  After working with children all morning, I had an amazing burger from a little stand in town–local meat, cheese, homemade pickles, and a good slice of tomato on a portuguese bun…yes please–and have since been trying my hardest to remain motionless by several fans in a room with the shades drawn.  Luckily the work I needed to do this afternoon involved only a computer.  And since I finished that, I’ve decided to make a summer list.  It’s a trend in blogs right now (see here, for example), and I like to stay with the times.


Things to do (and by “do” I probably mean “eat”) this summer:

peach cake with whipped cream

korean bbq including homemade pork buns


make mozzerella

mint juleps

swim/canoe/boat in the west river or elsewhere

tomatoes in abundance, especially sun golds hot from the garden

banh mi (from this recipe)

contra dance

pie and lots of it

bacon-fused hot dog/pineapple wonders (thank you for inspiration, fourth of july and chris)

make pickles

make jam

potato salad (possibly this?)

fresh sweet corn on the cob, skip the butter, then leftover corn, off the cob, with big fat slices of juicy tomato

home squeezed lemonade

saturday farmer’s market (better yet, beat the crowd and get there by 10am)

walpole creamery ice cream

update this blog more


Alright.  Time to get to work…

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