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The Sourdough Experiment

June 2, 2010

I have to preface this by saying that my camera is currently on bedrest and I’ll supply pics shortly.  In the meantime, enjoy my wordsmithship.

So, it’s summer again (what? when did that happen?) and I’ve pulled an old favorite, HomeBaking, off the shelf again.  Naomi Duguid and Jeffrey Alford wrote this cookbook posing as a coffee table book.  I became obsessed originally solely because of the gorgeous full-page full-color photographs.  This is definitely one of those read-front-to-back kinda cookbooks.  For me, anyway. I realize that’s a pretty nerdy admission but there you have it.  But the book is freaking huge and therefore couldn’t travel to London with me, so it’s been shelved since last summer.

After dusting it off a few weeks ago I made the chocolate chip cranberry sweet buns when more than lived up to my expectations.  Then I totally wrecked havoc on the easy cheese and bean rounds, but the ones I made were pretty delish, nonetheless.  Naomi and Jeffrey have been disappointing me a little bit, though.  I finally got down to bread baking, and I opted to make a poolish for the ciabatta recipe.  And what can I say? The end result was “eh”.  I didn’t even mess with the recipe!  (I think).  I saved some of the poolish as they instruct, and have been treating it like a starter.  Today I made sourdough pancakes– pretty excellent flavor, but too dense for a pancake.  They don’t come anywhere near my favorite SDpancake recipe from King Arthor.  Alas, alack.

I’ve also started an experiment.  Recipe-less sourdough bread.  I think it may have too much salt.  It’s supposedly rising right now, so the judges are still out on how bad an idea that was.  I’ll keep you posted.

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